LabDiet® Select Verified Rodent Diets

LabDiet® Select Verified Rodent Diets are researched, innovative and multifaceted formulas designed to meet the unique research requirements within your institution.

Managed Formulation delivers Constant Nutrition®
  • Managed Formulation minimizes nutrient variability seen in less judicious Fixed & Least Cost feed options.
  • Our process begins with strict ingredient specifications and testing, a diligent manufacturing process and finished product testing; all of this because we know how important animal diet is to your research.
Managed Soybean Levels
  • The Select Verified rodent diets contain no soybean meal (5V5M & 5V5R) or less than 2% soybean meal (5V75) for target levels of TOTAL dietary isoflavoves between 50 - 75 ppm.
You Want Results
  • Isoflavone analysis results provided for every batch of diet – this includes daidzein, glycitein and genistein aglycone units.
  • Analysis reports are not typically provided by other companies and they may not report the three primary phytoestrogens.
Alfalfa-Free for Imaging Studies
  • Select Verified rodent diets are research-proven to be the ideal and preferred grain based diets for imaging studies.
  • See the report: The Impact of Laboratory Animal Diets on Auto-fluorescence Imaging in Animals for further details.
Contains No Fish Meal
  • Many LabDiet® products contain small amounts of high quality menhaden fish meal, which is an excellent source of natural amino acids for rodents. They are supplied in the exact proportions they require.
  • We have removed fish meal from the Select Verified rodent diets, so our customers can move their animals to these diets seamlessly.
Product Texture Options
  • Pelleted or Extruded versions available.
  • Both options are the same size kibble and won’t fall through your feeders.
Packaging Integrity
  • Select Verified rodent diets are irradiated to reduce the bioburden and eliminate the need for autoclaving.
  • Our durable PicoLab® Valeron® bags ensure your product is safe from the time of manufacturing until you open the bag at your facility.