Irradiated LabDiet Products

PicoLab® & IsoPro®
LabDiet Image Irradiated DietsResearched and developed by Purina, LabDiet® PicoLab® products were introduced in 1984 as the first research animal diets treated with irradiation.  In 1996, the IsoPro® product range was added, providing researchers a wider selection of diets to choose.  PicoLab® and IsoPro® undergo an irradiation treatment process which assures you of reliable microbial control and virtually bacteria-free, sanitized diets.

PicoLab® Select Verified Rodent Diets
Verified IRR Bag ImageLabDiet® Select Verified Rodent Diets are researched, innovative and multifaceted formulas designed to meet the unique research requirements within your institution.
View product sheets to right:  5V12, 5V5M, 5V5R and 5V75.