China Diets

LabDiet Image China Diets

LabDiet® has registered 8 products for distribution in China. 

5C02 - Certified Rodent C (Irradiated)
5C07 - Certified Canine C
5C48 - Certified Primate C
5C99 - Certified Mini-Pig G/M C
5CC4 - Certified CR 14% Protein C
5CG4 - JL Rat and Mouse/Irr 6F C
5CJL - JL Rat and Mouse Auto 6F C
5K9C - HF Primate (C) 12 G (A Certified LabDiet® Product)

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Our team of experts welcomes the opportunity to consult with you about the specific dietary needs of the animals in your facility.  If you have any questions about these diets or distribution opportunities, please do not hesitate to contact our team at