Derivation of limits for Certified Diets

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PMI Nutrition International Certified LabDiet® can save you time and money in your efforts to meet the requirements of the FDA's Good Laboratory Practices (GLP) program. Certified LabDiet® products are assayed prior to shipment. Each lot is certified not to exceed maximum concentrations of key contaminants.

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We offer Certified LabDiet® products for rats, mice, hamsters, guinea pigs, dogs, cats, rabbits and monkeys. Manufactured under strict supervision in our drug and estrogen-free FSSC 22000 Certified plant in Richmond, Indiana, all Certified LabDiet® products provide the Constant Nutrition® control required for reliable research.

Our stringent certification process begins with the compilation of multiple samples from each manufacturing lot to make lot composite samples. The composite samples are analyzed for heavy metals, aflatoxins, chlorinated hydrocarbons, organophosphates and specified nutrients. A portion of each composite sample is stored at 0° F for one year in case a need for additional analyses arises up at a later date.

Once a composite sample has been proven to meet our specifications, the bags in that manufacturing lot are officially certified and released for shipment. You receive a certificate with each bag indicating the actual contaminant concentrations.

Because Certified LabDiet® products are sampled and analyzed before shipment, you are able to cut costs in three ways:

  1. You meet GLP standards without the costs of setting up in-house testing facilities.
  2. You save time and labor that would be required to collect samples, perform the necessary tests and wait for results.
  3. You never purchase feed that may have to be discarded due to excessive contamination.


 Certified Brochure Image  LabDiet® Certified Diets: Understanding Their History and Purpose in GLP Studies

Certified LabDiet® Profile

Based on analysis of a composite sample, each Certified LabDiet® product contains not more than these maximum concentrations of the following substances:
Heavy Metals Maximum
Arsenic 1.0 ppm
Cadmium .5 ppm
Lead 1.5 ppm
Mercury .2 ppm
Selenium .5 ppm
Aflatoxin 5 ppb
Chlorinated Hydrocarbons  
Aldrin .03 ppm
BHC (Alpha) .05 ppm
BHC (Beta) .05 ppm
BHC (Delta) .05 ppm
Chlordane .05 ppm
DDT Related substances .15 ppm
Dieldrin .03 ppm
Endrin .03 ppm
HCB .05 ppm
Heptachlor .03 ppm
Heptachlor Epoxide .03 ppm
Lindane .05 ppm
Methoxychlor .5 ppm
Mirex .02 ppm
PCB .15 ppm
Diazinon .5 ppm
Disulfaton .5 ppm
Ethion .5 ppm
Malathion .5 ppm
Methyl Parathion .5 ppm
Parathion (Ethyl) .5 ppm
Thimet .5 ppm
Thiodan1 .5 ppm
Trithion .5 ppm


Expresses the total of endosulfan II and endosulfan sulfate