LabDiet Laboratory Animal Technician Award

The Purina LabDiet® Laboratory Animal Technician Award is one of the most time honored, respected and prestigious awards in the AALAS community. Purina LabDiet® invites you, your colleagues or associates to submit nominations for this award. The unique feature of this annual award is that the winner is chosen by his or her peers. The winner of the award will receive $500 and the distinguished 2017 Purina LabDiet® Laboratory Animal Technician Award Plaque presented at our Technician Award Dinner during National AALAS.

Nominee's will be considered on the basis of experience, animal care activities and contributions to the advancement of all aspects of the animal technician field. The selection committee will comprise of the three most recent award winners.

If you feel the work and achievement of a Laboratory Animal Technician from your organization merits the national recognition of the Purina Mills Laboratory Animal Technician Award, your submission must be completed and returned by July 7, 2017. Your submission must detail the nominee's professional experience; contributions to the advancement of technicians; a list of his or her published works; presentations and awards; national, state and local animal care activities; and a summary of "why you believe the nominee should receive the award". Please also include nominee's telephone number and e-mail address, for ease of contact should your nominee become the 2017 award winner.

All nominees will receive the same careful and professional consideration. Please don't delay.

Email or send your nomination to:
PMI Nutrition International, LLC
Attn: Tricia Lutman
100 Danforth Dr.
Gray Summit, MO  63039


ACCMAL Lab Animal Specialist Award
FESSACAL Lab Animal Specialist Award
Latin America Award

The Americas Regional Committee (ARC) of the International Council for Laboratory Animal Science (ICLAS) announces three Travel Fellowship Awards sponsored by PMI Nutrition International, LLC-LabDiet®, Charles River’s Commitment to Humane Animal Research Through Excellence and Responsibility (CHARTER) Program, and Lab Products, Inc. One award is available to an individual from a member country of the Central American, Caribbean and Mexican Laboratory Animal Science Association (ACCMAL). These are Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Panama, Trinidad and Tobago, Cuba, Dominican Republic, El Salvador and Honduras. One award is available to an individual from member countries of the Federation of South American Societies and Associations of Laboratory Animal Science Specialists (FESSACAL). These are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Uruguay, and Venezuela. One award will go to the best remaining candidate from all applicants, regardless of his or her country. Each award will sponsor an individual to travel to and participate in the national meeting of the American Association for Laboratory Animal Science (AALAS).

 The AALAS meeting is the largest laboratory animal science meeting in the world. It includes seminars, workshops, special topic lectures, platform sessions, and poster sessions on laboratory animal diseases, biology, experimental techniques, and animal models. The learning resources / technology center includes a variety of videos and computer based programs. Each year there is an extensive commercial exhibit which contains the latest in equipment and ancillary items for the care and use of laboratory animals.

The recipient should be a biomedical scientist, facility manager or veterinarian involved with experimental animals who is a member of his or her local or regional laboratory animal science organization. The individual should be a person with the potential to make significant contributions to the teaching, research, or organizational aspects of laboratory animal science in his or her country. Preference is given to individuals who otherwise would not have funding for international travel to a scientific meeting of this kind. Ability to speak and understand English is necessary to benefit fully from the experience.

Each award consists of a monetary award (up to a maximum of $2,000) to be used for costs of air travel, housing, and meeting registration associated with the annual AALAS meeting. In addition, a $500 honorarium will be provided for each recipient to cover costs of meals, local travel, incidentals and any other expenses. The awards will be presented at the 2017 AALAS meeting in Charlotte.

Nominations or applications should be written in English and consist of:

  • A cover letter, which should include the candidate’s career goals and a statement with detailed information on the reasons why the candidate is interested in attending the AALAS Annual Meeting. This statement should indicate:
                      - what he/she is hoping to gain from attending the meeting
                      - how he/she would use the knowledge and experience to be acquired
                      - how that knowledge would be shared (where and with whom), and what benefits will be derived.
  • A curriculum vitae, maximum of 10 pages in length, with emphasis on laboratory animal science training and experience.
  • Proof of proficiency in the English language.
  • A letter of recommendation from the employer.
  • At least one letter of recommendation from an individual familiar with the qualifications and professional interests and activities of the candidate.
  • A letter from the applicant’s local or regional association assuring their current membership.

Complete nominations or applications should be submitted by E-mail to the attention of:
Drs. Ekaterina Rivera and Marcus Litman
ARC Co-Chairs

Deadline for submission of applications is May 20, 2017. The decision of the committee will be communicated by June 17, 2017.

Questions can be addressed to any of the following ICLAS Americas Regional Committee members and association contacts:

Ekaterina Rivera, Brazil,

Marcus Litman, Canada,

Adela Rosendranz, Argentina,

Amarillys Saravia, Guatemala,

Dr. Cecilia Carbone, Argentina,

Cory Brayton,

Jenny Carolina Saldana, Uruguay,

Juan Baamonde, Chile,

Lazara Martinez, Cuba,

Dr. Liliana Pazos, Costa Rica,

Luisa Macedo Braga, Brazil,

Marcelo Asprea, Argentina,

Marina Snitcofski, Argentina,

Micaela Rica, Chile,

Michael Brunt,

Dr. Octavio Villanueva, Mexico,

Dr. Rafael Hernandez, Mexico,

Vera Peters, Brazil,

FASSACAL president, Alba Salvarrey,