Product Updates

Canine, Feline and Ferret Diet Improvements.  Click here for complete information.

Vitamin D3 and Zinc Improvements to LabDiet® Swine Diets.  Click here for complete information.


The Facts About Isoflavones: A look at the big picture

Autoclaving Laboratory Diets

LabDiet® offers a multitude of Autoclavable laboratory animal diets.  Steam autoclaving of laboratory diets has been performed for laboratory animals for many years.  The purpose is to lower the microbiological load on the food.  Autoclaved food is a means to feed animals kept behind bio-secure barriers that cannot be exposed to the natural microbiological load found on most natural-ingredient diets.

Nutrient and Contaminant Levels

Nutrient and Contamination Levels in LabDiet® Certified Laboratory Animal Feeds

Intake and Biological Data


Historical Data

The LabDiet® Technical Updates contains the following analysis:

  • Microbiology Report
  • Summary of Nutritional Analyses
  • Contaminants Report